This tree shows its multi-colored buds early in the spring , when the heat is conducive to hatching .

An impressive metal structure, sculpted in steel and symbol of a strong and fragile at the same time in nature.
Coloured Ludions which according to atmospheric pressure and the principle of expansion , up or down a tube placed at the ends of branches of the tree . They are therefore uncontrollable , and free to move .
Although designed by man, this tree is not a simulation of what happens in nature. It is nature itself that decides to give vent to its beauty.
1 Idea
Sculpture in the shape of a tree. In the trunk is a hive , called Dadant , which hosts a swarm of bees .
Bees have access to the hive through a hole in the trunk of the tree . At the end of branches, glass tubes will stain gradually as the temperature rise : they move from translucent yellow (for example) from 20 ° Celsius.
The bee activity is highly dependent on temperature. Indeed they begin to leave the hive and go to work when the outside temperature is above 20 ° C.
The realization of this project is done in close collaboration with the beekeeper , including the positioning of the hive ( height, orientation and temperature data ) .
2 Principle of colored tips
Each nozzle is of a hollow glass tube filled with alcohol . In this fleet alcohol tube color. Depending on temperature differences , alcohol density changes and applying the principle of Archimedes, red tube descendera with heat or ascend when it is cold . Setting first determine the time of appearance or disappearance of the color tube.
3 Conclusion
This tree grows with time as the bees are more recent activity, the tree is more colorful . It is an autonomous unusual habitat , perfect climate control . Bees are an integral part of the graphics work.
Dimension of the work : 4 x 4 x 3.5 meters
Matérial: Blown glass, steel