The particle accelerator is an extremely energy thirsty machine which allows us to further understand our surroundings.

Microscopic particules are accelerated by very powerful electromagnetic fields and the collision of these particles releases energy and modifies their state. These different states are analysed and measurements allow us to understand what happened in a split second.

‘The particle decelarator’ is a machine which unlike the acelerator does not need any energy (except for start up). Thanks to a pendulum system, a bar which is set on two stands with a slight downward inclination moves forward very slowly (40cm/hour). Gravity takes care of the rest. Contrarily to the particle acelerator which is a gigantic and extraordinary construction, this work of art is inspired by nature and the way it extracts its force over time and within weaker surrounding energies.

To the human eye, it highlights the power of gravity which poetically can be seen as a source of near never-ending movement.

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