The arrows are made of hollow metal and contain a certain volume of water . Fixed to a wall facing bearings, they are susequently abandoned to their own lives …
They move up and down depending on the air temperature
They are uncontrollable , moving freely, pointing towards random elements like a game of chance
For example, an arrow can face a graduation alternating with the words YES and NO or towards a wide selection of children’s shoes.
A slight difference in temperature can affect the  positionning of the arrow and therefore different elements are highlighted at any given time. Our destiny , our encounters, life are they not also experienced with the same unpredictability and risk ?
These works may also encourage the viewer to participate.  Indeed, he must stand directly facing the arrows and objects ( eggs , books, magnets) .
In a matter of seconds the arrows may point towards a different element, demonstrating the inability to secure parts of our world in a perfect balance