A large cylinder assembly gray coated metal , held by bolted bars; technical opaque building envelope . On the left, an input; narrow passage , dark, mysterious beginnings of a dark corridor .

Come in. Black becomes full , it groping , seeing nothing . Fortunately , the walls are soft , covered with foam that can be guided gently sliding his hands.

It is lost in the darkness now. He must overcome his fear to continue , little by little, a sound of water drops is accurate as and when not . Then the eye sees a glimmer .

A few more steps , the hallway leads into a cavity . An unreal vision : the black walls , bright green son . They form loops that open and close , lively beats to the rhythm of raindrops .

Principle of the fountains

They operate on the principle of capillary action. Two steel son embrace and separating the regular passage of a drop of water. The drop is formed, explodes and recomposed .

Steel son are usually placed in the center of a frame made of metal and concrete .

Fragility , lightness, malleability opposed to the brutality of cement, frozen material , symbol of the hardness of our world, refer to our planning .

Fountains may take more imposing dimensions thus forming curtains son .

They are also titled " Fountain of Life" .

A very graphic and air side characterizes these works . The rustle of the water made sweet music respecting the partition imposed by the piano chords on which it flows.