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I have always been fascinated by inventions. As a child, I was captivated by electricity and the telephone. And after building a six meter boat, I thought about becoming a naval architect. But when I discovered contemporary art, I decided to become a sculptor. Under the direction of my mentor, the Belgian sculptor Pol Bury, I began to concentrate on creating movement in my work, and then adding the element of water.

These two characteristics have since become constant in my work, as have atmospheric pressure, heat, expansion, and evaporation. Together, they bring life to my sculptures, which proves there is indeed beauty in science. I promised myself to express nature through simple, poetic, and rhythmic forms.

After 20 years of making monumental sculptures, I created the Beating Heart in a Bottle sculpture that anyone can have at home and offer to their loved ones. It is an object everyone can appropriate and expresses simple, yet powerful feelings. It is a joy to be able to create it completely by hand from my small workshop in Courances, France, and to send them all over the world thanks to my website.

French artist, born in Melun in 1960.Philippe Bouveret is fascinated by the world of inventions. As a child, he was curious about electricity and the telephone, and carried out all kinds of little experiments. Between the ages of 13 and 18, wich much patience, perseverance and ingenuity he built a real boat, 6 m long. This was the great achievement of his early years. He planned to become a naval architect and took his technical baccalaureate.

At the same time, he discovered contemporary art and realised that by becoming an artist, he would be free to develop his passion for experiments. At the age of 21 he entered the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts (National School of Fine Arts) in Paris. There, the very conventional teaching was not really what he had hoped for: he gave up this training and having come into contact with Pol Bury, became his pupil. Inspired by his master, he developed his own artistic work based around research into movement. He was interested to discover a number of kinetic artists, in particular Takis, and made the acquaintance of Nicolas Schöffer, whose work he greatly admired.

In 1987, Philippe Bouveret had another significant encounter, with Jean Tinguely. With his wife Dorothée, he helped in the construction of Cyclops, Jean Tinguely’s monumental sculpture hidden away in the forest of Milly (Essonne). Jean Tinguely encouraged Philippe Bouveret in his work and lent him a workshop in Dannemois. Cyclops is now the setting for two works by Philippe Bouveret.

In general, Philippe Bouveret’s work revolves around two constant themes: movement and water. Indirectly, he had already worked on the theme of water during his childhood, by building his boat. At the beginning of the 1980s he met John Wilkes, an anthroposophist, who has working on a system of fountains for purifying water. He was fascinated by this man, whose whole life revolved around one passion, water.

Philippe Bouveret’s sculptures – fountains, pointers, secret tableaux and pendulums – come to life under the influence of natural forces such as atmospheric pressure, heat, evaporation, expansion, etc. The movement induced in his works is slow, calm, silent and random. His creative work resolves around the pleasures of discovery, invention and the game played with the visitor.

There is humour to his work. What he does is precise and closely controlled. It demonstrates a heightened awareness of the precarious equilibrium of the world, inviting us to be aware of the forces surrounding us and to take account of the fragility of our environment.Philippe Bouveret explains: “I work in my laboratory-studio, accidentally making little discoveries that arouse my curiosity. I often turn my works into games so that the visitor, who becomes a player, is aware of the perverse and powerful forces of nature, thereby reminding him that he is the one who must adapt to nature and that he is constantly subjected to it.”



1991 Galerie Bonnier – Genève

1992 Galerie JGM, Paris

1993 Freitagsgalerie Imhof, Solothurn

1994 Galerie JGM, Paris

1995 SNECMA, exposition dans l’usine de Corbeil

1996 Galerie Lucien Durand – Le Gaillard – Javogue, Paris

1999 Galerie Lucien Durand – Le Gaillard – Javogue, Paris (avec Niki de Saint Phalle) – Espace Commines, Paris

2001 Pression atmosphérique, Maison des Arts de Créteil

Arte Fiera, Bologne, Galerie Alain Le Gaillard

SNECMA, exposition dans l’usine de Corbeil

2002 Exposition “Curieux de nature” – Shimoni Gallery – Arsenal de Metz

2003 Salon d’inventeur M2I pavillon Baltart

Histoire d’eau Dammarie les Lys.

2004 Salon international des inventions LEPINE – Paris

2005 Salon international des inventions de GENÈVE

Exposition “UTILE -INUTILE” au jardin des tarots de Niki de st Phalle – Toscane – Italie

2008 Exposition  au vignoble de Château Thuerry – été 2008

2009 Mai – août – “Festival de l’Astrolabe” – Médiatèque Astrolabe et Espace Saint Ville de Melun (77)

2010 Shimoni Galerie METZ

2012 espaces Beaujon Paris 75008



1994  28 jours calendrier monumental ,achat du FNAC

1994   Réalisation du Théâtre et du tableau Génerique du CYCLOP de JEAN  TYNGUELY, Milly la Foret

1995 8 heures, horloge monumentales ,Fondation Daniel et Florence Guerlain

1996 Fontaine Murale pour le magasin nature et découvertes ,Carrousel du Louvre PARIS

1999 Fleche, central parc, Montrouge

1999 Zénith : vélo sortant de l’eau avec le soleil, San Francisco.

2001 fontaines : Studio la cita Vérone.

2002 mur de flèche Bâtiment Manulor Metz

2009 Grands arbres fruitiers Metz

2009 Temps Libre Balancier monumental, Astrolabe Melun

2010 ruches insolites, miellerie du Gâtinais

2011   3 plantes   jardin de la Chapelle Jean Cocteau



1987 Beaulieu des arts, Galerie Moussion, Nantes.1989 Nouvelles générations, JGM Galerie, Paris.

1990 Event Week, exposition sur le thème de la machine, Tokyo.

Salon de Montrouge.

1991 Une touche Suisse, pour les 30 ans de la Galerie Bonnier, Genève.

Idées de Cité, Hôpital Éphémère, Paris.

1992 Salon de Mars, JGM Galerie, Paris.

FIAC, JGM Galerie, Paris.

1994 Foire de Bâle, JGM Galerie.

1995 FIAC, JGM Galerie, Paris.

1996 Galerie Bonnier, Genève.

L’eau et ses quatre vérités, Centre culturel de Compiègnes.

1997 Âme cachée âme dévoilée, Fondation Daniel & Florence Guerlain, Les Mesnuls.

Un cadeau unique, Galerie Lucien Durand, Paris.

1998 Noir et Blanc, Fondation D&F Guerlain, Les Mesnuls.

FIAC, Galerie Lucien Durand, Paris.

Foire de Cologne, Galerie Lucien Durand.

1999 Foire de Bruxelles, Galerie Lucien Durand.

2001 The eye of the storm, curateur Victor de Circasia, Turin.

2001  360°, Cologne exposition dans un ascenseur

2001 Psychedella, Galerie Aéroplastics, Bruxelles.

Y’a de la joie, Fondation Daniel et Florence Guerlain, Les Mesnuls.

Limpidamente, curateur Giorgio Bonomi, Daniel Del Moro, Bibione.

El sogno dell’ oggetto, curateur Stefania Carrozzini, Castell’Arquato, Piancenza.

Paysage-Fontaine, avec Kassia Knap, espace Contemporain, château de Morsang-sur-Orge

2002 A l’occasion de l’ouverure de l’exposition de la donation de Niki de Saint Phalle au musée de Nice.

Sculpture Monumentale, Sainte Geneviève des Bois.

2003 Moderna Museet Stocklholm, collection Pontus Hulten

2007 Dans ces eau là : Château D’AVIGNON  en Camargue

2008 Exposition Jean Rodolphe Loth et Philippe Bouveret, “Art Contemporain Sacré” Chapelle de l’Hôtel-Dieu  a Dreux

2009 Du 3 mars au 25 avril 2009 – Exposition Philippe Bouveret et Bob Brennen – Shimoni Gallery

2009 Mai – août – “Festival de l’Astrolabe” – Médiatèque Astrolabe et Espace Saint Jean – Ville de Melun (77)

2010  Galerie Alain Legaillard  Paris